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June 2020

"Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1


The end of May and start of June found our world in a place of deep hurt.  We saw a global pandemic, months of quarantine and a nation struggling with the pain of social injustice and racism.  Our small coastal community was not immune to the protests and incidents of violence these last few weeks.  Meanwhile families continue to struggle to finish out the school year, balance working from home with end of the year celebrations for our graduates who had a unique final year of middle school, high school and university, while trying to navigating a time not seen for many of us and the tough conversations that many households found themselves having.   Many of us just feel plain tired, worn and anxious.  So where are you today, how is your faith?  Join us as we start a new series "Keeping the Faith."

As the country slowly starts to re-open new challenges and uncertainty seem to be what is ahead of us in the coming months.   One thing alone holds true, the world needs Jesus! Even in these times turning to Jesus to give us the hope and peace of His overwhelming love is how we can release the burdens that weigh our hearts.  Healing comes in the form of His great love and the promises that are given to all freely.

As we move into June our leadership is slowly re-opening the church, starting with Sunday services on the church lawn.  Every Sunday this month join us at 10:45 am for our worship service.  For the safety of our most vulnerable we will continue our virtual church program to allow those not wishing to meet in person to still gather virtually from home.


At this time the encouragement of God's promises should be shared with all of those in our community searching for hope, so pass on the website and links to your family and friends!   

Some of our normal fellowship times such as growth groups, Sunday school, Sunday Worship, Children and Youth programs have all been re-formatted to virtual platforms so check out the website for more information or call the office.  Some growth groups are considering in-person meetings again with proper social distancing, however many have chosen to continue to meet via Zoom.  Be sure to check in with the various Growth Group leaders to see how each group has decided to proceed. 


Our weekly sermons can be found on our "sermons" page and the children's Sunday school program will continue with resources on our "children's" page.  

Do you need prayer?  Do you want to be part of a prayer group?  Check out our prayer ministry page to see what the church is praying for as a family, but also feel free to submit a request so we know how best to pray for you and your family.    

Growth Groups are a great way to grow in your relationship with God as well as others.  We have lots of groups to chose from so be sure to make Growth Groups part of your week.  We will resume in-person growth groups when our church re-opens.  Some groups are meeting via Zoom, so please contact the church to see what groups are meeting virtually. Check out the available groups here.


Welcome to El Morro!

Welcome Seminar

If you are interested in joining the church, baptism or learning more about our ministries then we invite you to this seminar.  Our next scheduled seminars will be rescheduled when we re-open the church.  If you are interested in registering, call the church office and we will contact you when our church activities resume.

Lunch is provided to contact the church office at 805-528-0391 or office@elmorro.org to register!

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