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“The more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread.” Exodus 1:12

In my devotional time, I’ve been reading the book of Exodus. The story of God’s people making their way from oppression to the wilderness to the promised land seems relevant these days. I love the way the book begins because any effort to oppress or reduce the number of God’s people only served to deepen their faith and broaden their influence.

When we were living in Bakersfield, we bought a newly constructed home with minimal landscaping. In an effort to grow trees as quickly as possible, we made the mistake of planting some poplar trees. I call this a mistake because while the trees grew rapidly, so did their roots and their “influence” began to impact the yard, curbing, and fencing. The only solution was to remove some of these trees. So we hired our very own Paul Bunyan who reduced these stumps to next to nothing, but within weeks we began to find that new shoots from the previous tree were now beginning to “multiply and spread.”

During this time of challenges and uncertainty, my prayer is that the church would find creative ways to multiply and spread. May this be a time in which our faith is deepened and the hope of Christ is spread throughout the land.

In Christ,

Pastor Daren

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